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Last year I read The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard, a middle grade fantasy, filled with humor from my dragon-crazed friend Kath Boyd Marsh. Over the Christmas holidays, I breezed  through her two short stories about Bubbles and Smush, two very likable and funny creatures in Kath’s imaginative world. Kath wrote these two short stories as follow ups to her novel. I think you will enjoy them immensely, and I suggest you read Bubbles and Smush, Closet Monsters and then Bubbles and Smush, Trick or Treats.  

I also emailed Kath and asked for an update on what she is writing now. I love to keep up with my author friends latest work in progress.  Here’s what Kath told me:

I had such fun writing the Bubbles and Smush ebooks. Right now I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out how sales were on them. If readers loved them and bought lots, CBAY Books https://www.cbaybooks.blog will be interested in publishing more! It is a bit tricky typing with all my fingers crossed! But I am working on the revisions for the sequel to The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard. Dragon Bonded will release this coming fall. Dragon Bonded features Cl'rnce's sister Hazel and her Wizard Partner Gaelyn. Both Hazel and Gaelyn have secrets that put Cl'rnce in peril! and require Great and Mighty Wizard to try ... bumbled spells?  In between revisions and hoping to be asked to write more Bubbles and Smush adventures, I'm polishing a manuscript for Young Adults. Dark Angel's main character, a teen-aged daemon, escapes Hell to hunt for the Dragon Suil and the Dark Angel. Chased by two other daemons, Abdon and her minion Posso land in a 'not-haunted?' house full of surprises! 

I guarantee a lot of laughs and fun if you decide to read Kath's series. Click on either cover to buy Bubbles and Smush!

C.M. Huddleston's Review:
A sequel to The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard, this fun-filled short story returns the reader to that world through the adventures of two lovable characters Bubbles and Smush. Like many of our favorite comedians, Bubbles and Smush move through the action with a goal, but with little planning and much less knowledge than needed leading to humorous events. Even if you don’t believe in closet monsters you might after reading this story.

C.M. Huddleston's Review:
​Suppose you had no idea what Halloween is, yet you’ve been invited to a Halloween party?  Not wanting to seem dumb, Bubbles and Smush approach that dilemma in their own way, resulting in a lot of humor before they find the answer. This short story takes the reader back to the world created in The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard and follows up with an adventure to fill your afternoon.

<![CDATA[The UP People Return - a new book by Katherine Ladny Mitchell]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 15:49:48 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/the-up-people-return-a-new-book-by-katherine-ladny-mitchellPicture
The Up People series returns with the wonderful addition of Mrs. Trim It Up — featuring a hairdresser with remarkable abilities. The colorful illustrations and rhyming script will draw little girls into this fantastical world of creation. Bright, sunny, and with a wonderful message, this picture book will entertain and enlighten.

The author, Katherine Ladny Mitchell, previously published a Christmas lyric story in Winter Wonder, a children's anthology, and Dr. Hickerup: The Hiccup Healing Man.

Buy Mrs. Trim It Up
<![CDATA[So Sorry.]]>Sat, 09 Dec 2017 15:51:49 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/so-sorryDue to unexpected circumstances, 21 Indie Days of Christmas has been suspended.  If you signed up for a free e-copy of Winter Wonder, it will still be sent by email as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the books from the first 7 days of this event and please check back on 1 January for the first Monday Morning Indie of the year.]]><![CDATA[Day 7 - Have you found your special holiday book yet?]]>Thu, 07 Dec 2017 14:46:02 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/day-7-have-you-found-your-special-holiday-book-yetPicture
Reading to your little ones increase their vocabulary.
White Christmas of a Loooong Dog: Beautifully Illustrated Christmas Poems for Kids and Dog Lovers (Loooong Dog's Adventures Book 3) by Jessica Neal
I love dogs so I enjoyed reading this little adventure to my Katie (she is bigger than Billy). I think your little ones will enjoy learning about Billy’s snowy day.

Buy White Christmas
Keep those middle-graders busy with this short story and then sneak and read it yourself.
The First Ride: The Real Story of Santa Claus
by Gary Paul Bryant 

An interesting take on the origin of Santa Claus.  This one is a short story that would be an excellent reading assignment for the Christmas holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Buy The First Ride
Suitable for teens/young adults, and adults
Merry Murder: A Fiona Quinn Mystery by C. S. McDonald
Romance, family, 6 little dogs, Santa Claus, and a murder make for Fiona’s Christmas. A cozy mystery suitable for teens on up.

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<![CDATA[Day 5 & 6 - Because sometimes things happen!]]>Wed, 06 Dec 2017 15:46:12 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/day-5-6-because-sometimes-things-happenPicture
For those little ones who won't go to Sleep!
Santa Says by Austin Carroll 
A bedtime game for children, Santa Says is a version of the familiar game Simon Says led by a delighful Santa. There is even a counting song. This is one of a series including Five Little Elves and Where is Santa?

Buy Santa Says
A Christmas story and activity book for the little ones.
Snowflake and Christmas by Ezra Monson and illustrated by Dasha Skripkina
Soft, almost pastel-like, detailed images illustrate this spectacular little picture book about a snowflake who wants to learn what Christmas is all about.  Bonuses in this book are the interactive pages and free downloadable coloring pages.

Buy Snowflake
For Middle Grade and above
A Pony for Christmas by Bev Pettersen
Suitable for middle-grade children all the way to the oldest of readers, this inspiring novella features a six-year-old girl who wants a pony for Christmas. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for its magic, its humor, and its message. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Buy A Pony for Christmas
Teens/Young Adults/Adults - for you to enjoy!
Christmas Loves by Cynthia A. Clement
A quick read, "Christmas Loves" tells of a Regency romance between two very different characters from the norm. Now older, wiser, and with much more to risk and to lose, Alicia and Thomas have history of a sort and much between them to be settled. With a bit of heat here and there, the story unfolds into an enjoyable few hours journey into a holiday of the past. 

Buy Christmas Loves

For the adults, but suitable for all.
The Christmas Gift by J. Detrich 
This illustrated poem by J. Dietrich is an amusing and engaging take on The Night Before Christmas.  Simply illustrated, it is a tale of the struggle of finding just the right gift for someone you love. Take the time to read this, you won’t regret it. Plus it is available on Kindle Unlimited!.
Buy The Christmas Gift
<![CDATA[Day 4, a picture book and two mysteries]]>Mon, 04 Dec 2017 14:25:58 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/day-4-a-picture-book-and-two-mysteriesPicture
Fun for the little ones in your life.
Christmas Best by Diana Kizlauskas
Meet Santa’s elves in this lively book for children!  The wonderful, detailed illustrations will delight your child over and over as they view the inside of Santa’s workshop.  In the mist of the illustrations lies an inventive tale of how each of us should use our talents!

Buy Christmas Best
Middle grade mystery.
The Missing Horseshoe: A Christmas Mystery (Sidney Sinclair Adventure #3) by Kathryn B. Butler
As a middle-grade author I love to read what others are writing for this age group.  This book, the third in the series, delighted from the beginning. Directed toward girls, the book also includes horses and a Christmas party. The mystery of the missing horseshoe is a minor factor in the book, but other mysteries will keep you reading this clever book.  I think it will draw your middle-grade girl to read the entire series.

Buy The Missing Horseshoe
Teen/adult mystery.
Holiday Heist by Zanna Mackenzie 

Need a quick read to help you escape from reality?  Then try this short romantic mystery - it will fill an hour or so and entertain you fully.  I just might be in the market for more of Zanna’s books for future escapes this season.  Also, I love the British setting. 

Buy Holiday Heist
<![CDATA[Day 3 - Three new holiday books for one and all!]]>Sun, 03 Dec 2017 15:45:29 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/day-3-three-new-holiday-books-for-one-and-allPicture
For your little ones,
How Santa Changed by Karl Steam and  Maksym Stasiuk (Illustrator)

Realistic, old -fashion illustrations tell the story of Santa Claus becoming the man we know today. Santa faced a number of situations as his responsibilities grew and this book tells how he adapted. This picture book will delight and draw in the little ones over and over again. 

Buy How Santa Changed
Written for middle grade readers.
Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy by Maxine Sylvester 
Suitable for reading to the little ones or for early middle-grade readers, this well-written, delightful book is filled with humor and teaches about perseverance. The illustrations will delight. I recommend it for the whole family.

Buy Ronaldo
​Suitable for older middle-grade readers to adult.
A Tin Train Christmas by Melanie Lageschulte
Lageschulte’s short story will fill you heart with Christmas spirit and remind us all that some have so little but can find a way to share. This was my first book by Lageschulte, but I’ll be back for more in the new year.

Buy Tin Train Christmas
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Picture books to delight your youngest readers and listeners!
The Warm Hearted Snowman by Sigal Adler

Colorful illustrations illustrate a rhyming story about a snowman and his nose. Delightfully written and illustrated this story for young children reminds one and all about the value of a gift.
Christmas Stories by Sigal Adler
The author has placed three of her Christmas theme picture books in one collection, including The Warm Hearted Snowman.The other two are Sea of Love and Oh, Dear! Said the Deer.  These additional rhyming stories tell of two dilemmas facing their main characters. Lovely images illustrate each and will delight over and over.
Buy Christmas Stories
Buy Warm Hearted Snowman
For ages 8 to 88, some exciting Christmas action!
The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball by J.B.  Michaels
Wow, flying Chrismas decorations, evil elves, and fairies to save the day.  A science-fiction adventure set at the North Pole full of danger, fire, explosions, and risk-taking will grab your middle-grade reader’s attention and keep them reading. I think boys will especially enjoy this holiday exploit. ​

Buy the Tannenbaum Tailors
This one is for the ladies who need an escape from Christmas madness! Nice, Christian love stories that are suitable for teens as well.
by Susette Williams (author), Leah Atwood (author), Heather Blanton (author), Lynette Sowell (author), Laura J. Marshall (author), Tina Dee (author)

Fun reading about mail-order brides. Each story is Christian and Christmas-themed. I found all of the stories to be a light-hearted read where Christmas plays only a small background role. If you are looking for a bit of historic, Christian romance - this is your book. 
Buy Cowboys
<![CDATA[Inviting You to Enjoy 21 Indie Days in December - December 1st]]>Fri, 01 Dec 2017 13:59:13 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/inviting-you-to-enjoy-21-indie-days-in-december
My Snowman, Paul & Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics 
Yossi Lapid and Joanna Pasek bring to Paul the Snowman to life in a wonderful series of picture books about a little boy and his friend Paul. Each book in the series presents a child’s real-life problem and its solution in an adorable picture books for ages 4 to 8.  This year the author has added Christmas with Snowman Paul.
Picture books for your youngest!  
Buy My Snowman Paul
Buy Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics
Buy Christmas with Snowman Paul
Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf by Dorothea Jensen with illustrations by Andrea Agostini 
While still a picture book, Jensen’s elf series (This is #3) is written for middle grade readers. Her rhyming story about an elf on Christmas eve is excellent for ages 8 to forever, as it tells a great story about Santa and the mishaps naughty children can make happen. It might become a family favorite. The others in the series are Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf, Blizzy the Worrywart Elf, and Frizzy the S.A.D. Elf.  Don’t forget to look for Dorothea Jensen’s award-winning, middle grade historical novels.

Suitable for middle-grade readers or can be read aloud to younger children.

Buy Dizzy
<![CDATA[Interview with new author Rashed Malak]]>Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:31:34 GMThttp://cmhuddleston.com/monday-morning-indie/interview-with-new-authorPicture
I see you are Egyptian by birth, but raised, educated, and live in Australia. How has this affected your writing? 
I've been living in Australia practically my whole life, so I'm not exactly sure how much of my background has influenced my writing. Although I do tend to use common themes such as Loyalty, Family and Friendship in my stories.  I also try not to curse so much since I don't really like using swearwords, but besides that much of my writing has been inspired by other authors.

What/whom influenced you to write this particular story? 
I guess my biggest influence for my story was actually The Walking Dead T.V series. The reality of having to survive each day and place your trust in complete strangers, really made me interested in what humans were willing to do to survive, the kinds of relationships that are formed and the consequences of poor decision making 

Is “The Beginning” the first book in a series?  If so, when might we expect the second book? 
The Middle Part 1 (Title of the novel might be changed) will hopefully be released next year in 2018 or 2019. Currently I'm about halfway into completing the novel. 

What obstacles have you encountered in getting your book published?
I guess the biggest obstacle I've encountered on my journey to getting my novel published was finding a good editor to look over my work and clean up as many of the mistakes as possible before handing in the manuscript. Other than that my publishing experience has been fairly quick, I received one rejection letter before being accepted by a small Independent publishing company in America called NuffSaidPublishing and accepted the offer. 

Learn More about R. Malak at:
Twitter handle @BreathOfWar 

C.M. Huddleston's Comments on The Beginning
First let me say, I have not finished R. Malak's The Beginning. I don't generally enjoy this genre of fiction and had 20 plus other books to finish by 1 December. I have read enough to know the book is well written and edited. The story line is well developed and full of realistic (fantasy) action. The characters are varied and strong. I would recommend this book to any who enjoy this genre. Give this new author a chance, as I believe he will surprise you.

Buy The Beginning